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B.S. And G.P. Associates
B.S. And G.P. Associates


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Shell and Tube Condenser

Shell and tube Condensers supplied by us are available with a refrigeration capacity range from 10 tons to over 1000 tons. With the proper tube material selection, Shell and tube Condensers can be applied to a multiplicity of refrigerants including R-717, R-22 and R-134A. Shell diameters of Shell and tube Condensers start at 8" and go up to 48" or even more. Bonnets ranging from single pass to 10 pass provide maximum selection flexibility. Multiple shell arrangements can be utilized to match large refrigeration systems. Horizontal Shell and tube Condensers are available for sea water and marine use.


  • Reliable and high-capacity performance
  • Uniform Tube Spacing
  • Interchangeability of water heads
  • Compact design saves space

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